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All Scars

Our All Scars represent the very best Pirate City has to offer. They are a competitive team, who in 2017 made history by being the first NZ team to qualify for the Div 2 playoffs in the USA. They are consistently one of the top teams in NZ. 

The All Scars travel internationally to challenge their game and keep lifting the level of play in New Zealand. They fund alot of the travel expenses personally.

2019 Roster

Name: Zoe Kristensen

Derby Name: Veloskitty

Skater #: 946

Position: Jammer (Captain/Coach) 

Name: Belynda Hibbert

Derby Name: Belz

Skater #: 74

Position: Blocker (Captain)

Name: Amy Raine

Derby Name: Beretta

Skater #: 12

Position: Blocker 

Name: Rachel Hazaert

Derby Name: Evabyn Slapt

Skater #: 84

Position: Blocker

Name: Daphne Hui

Derby Name: Hui

Skater #: 852

Position: Blocker

Name: Emma Beebly

Derby Name: Pigeon Defective

Skater #: 43

Position: Blocker / Pivot

Name: Shaylin Shadanbaz

Derby Name: Shay

Skater #: 55

Position: Blocker

Name: Brittany Low

Derby Name: Batman

Skater #: 228

Position: Jammer

Name: Talia Hochwimmer

Derby Name: Coup d'eTalia

Skater #: 73

Position: Blocker / Pivot 

Name: Leah Morris

Derby Name: Morris

Skater #: 18

Position: Blocker

Name: Sarah Cason

Derby Name: Enid Blight'em

Skater #: 555

Position: Blocker / Pivot

Name: Letisha Tan

Derby Name: Suenami


Skater #: 131

Position: Jammer 

Name: Leslie Havens

Derby Name: Schro Ding Her

Skater #: 4

Position: Blocker

Name: Lindsay Havens

Derby Name: Missbhaven

Skater #: 451

Position: Blocker / Bench Manager

Name: Tuscany Otton

Derby Name: Jem Molition

Skater #: 64

Positing: Bench Manager