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Photo Credit: Steve Jurkovic

So you want to play Roller Derby?

Whoop! Welcome to the best sport you've ever played!

If you have never skated before - don't let that put you off!  Falling on your butt is part of our sport, we will make your tumbles and falls a refined art! 

We are constantly looking for new talent and welcome anyone to join Derby 101 Classes.

If you are male identifying and would like to play roller derby please follow this link for information.



What does Playing look like?

Roller Derby is a full contact sport, so expect some heavy contact. In saying that we train hard and learn how to fall and hit safely. We would encourage you to watch roller derby games online, see this link for a game our All Scars played in the USA against Bear City (Berlin).


Below are short clips of the derby in action:

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What does training look like?

Our training sessions typically run for 2 hours. A coach will take you through your paces. We will work with you in a supportive and encouraging environment. 

Our Derby 101 classes run once a week.

Once you have graduated from our Derby 101 classes you can become a member of PCR. In order to be cleared for scrimmaging (playing derby with the league) you will need to pass the WFTDA minimum Skills Test.

If you would like to train with our travel teams you may be required to train 2-3 times per week

If you are a skater transferring from another Roller Derby League, you will need to attend 10 league trainings with PCR and provide evidence that you have passed the  WFTDA minimum Skills Test

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