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2017 Roster

To date this has been one of the most successful years the Pirate City Rollers have experienced. We made NZ & WFTDA History as quoted by

Pirate City Rollers (Started: 97th / 222. Closed: 48th / 368)
Started from the bottom and now they’re here. Pirate City made WFTDA history this year securing the first invite for a team from New Zealand (Aotearoa) and they did it by going 6–1 and increasing their scoring average by +146!

The Apex - All Scars make WFTDA History.

It was also a year of 3 International Tournaments. K-town Shakedown in Kalamazoo, Big O in Eugene, and then lastly Div 2 Playoffs in Pittsburgh. It was a hard but extremely successful year!

Of the 10 WFTDA sanctioned games we played in 2017 we won 7!


Special mention goes to our Bench Manager for all of our games in the USA - Sarah Hipel. She played a huge part in our success and we would not have have achieved what we did without her!

Big O Roster

Big O Roster 2017.jpg

Div 2 Roster

Div 2 Roster 2017.jpg

Media Posts

Pirate City Rollers K-town 2017
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