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Broadside Brawlers

The Broadside Brawlers are Pirate City Rollers B level / development team. They are a competitive team that plays domestically and internationally with a main focus of development within a supportive environment.

2019 Roster

Name: Kate Molander

Derby Name: Rein Of Terror

Skater #: 666

Position: Jammer (Captain)

Name: Nikki Henderson

Derby Name: Nikalicious Vicious

Skater #: 11

Position: Jammer (Captain)

Name: Janelle Wills

Derby Name: Shrew Loose

Skater #: 31

Position: Blocker

Name: Zooey Neumann

Derby Name: Zoomin Noomin

Skater #: 709

Position: Blocker / Pivot

Name: Sal Brown

Derby Name: Linda ShoveLace

Skater #: 76

Position: Blocker

Name: Shirley Stinson

Derby Name: RumbleStinson

Skater #: 33

Position: Blocker

Name: Ruo-Yun Kao

Derby Name: Mad Kao

Skater #: 92

Position: Blocker

Name: Jamie Scaysbrook

Derby Name: Pandamonium

Skater #: 297

Position: Jammer

Name: Mars Coombes

Derby Name: Short Circuit

Skater #: 22

Position: Jammer

Name: Shannon Fraser

Derby Name: Babe Insane

Skater #: 151

Position: Jammer

Name: Amery Carriere

Derby Name: Smackintosh

Skater #:13

Position: Blocker

Name: Pei-Pei Lane

Derby Name: Gonna Make Ya Pei-Pei

Skater #: 45

Position: Blocker

Name: Pareoranga Luiten-Apirana

Derby Name: Quiet Riot

Skater #: 97

Position: Blocker

Name: Hannah Creek

Derby Name: SledgeHannah

Skater #: 42

Position: Blocker

Name: Sandra Deli

Derby Name: Sadistic Serbian

Skater #: 713

Positing: Blocker

Name: Michelle Murie

Derby Name: Michelle Murie

Skater #: 


Name: Kellie Hinton

Derby Name: Thumper

Skater #:

Position: Bench Manager

Name: Tuscany Otton

Derby Name: Jem Molition

Skater #: 64

Positing: Coach

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