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Photo Credit: Joe Mac Photography

2019 Roster

NZ top Ten Champions (Nationals Tournament). 

Final: Whakatane Roller Derby 163 vs Pirate City Rollers 208

Name: Zoe Kay

Derby Name: Veloskitty

Skater #: 946

Position: Jammer (Captain/Coach) 

Name: Belynda McRobbie

Derby Name: Belz

Skater #: 74

Position: Blocker (Captain)

Name: Amy Raine

Derby Name: Beretta

Skater #: 12

Position: Blocker 

Name: Rachel Hazaert

Derby Name: Evabyn Slapt

Skater #: 84

Position: Blocker

Name: Daphne Hui

Derby Name: Hui

Skater #: 852

Position: Blocker

Name: Emma Beebly

Derby Name: Pigeon Defective

Skater #: 43

Position: Blocker / Pivot

Name: Shaylin Shadanbaz

Derby Name: Shay

Skater #: 55

Position: Blocker

Name: Brittany Low

Derby Name: Batman

Skater #: 228

Position: Jammer

Name: Talia Hochwimmer

Derby Name: Coup d'eTalia

Skater #: 73

Position: Blocker / Pivot 

Name: Leah Morris

Derby Name: Morris

Skater #: 18

Position: Blocker

Name: Sarah Cason

Derby Name: Enid Blight'em

Skater #: 555

Position: Blocker / Pivot

Name: Letisha Tan

Derby Name: Suenami


Skater #: 131

Position: Jammer 

Name: Leslie Havens

Derby Name: Schro Ding Her

Skater #: 4

Position: Blocker

Name: Lindsay Havens

Derby Name: Missbhaven

Skater #: 451

Position: Blocker / Bench Manager

Name: Tuscany Otton

Derby Name: Jem Molition

Skater #: 64

Positing: Bench Manager 

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